Sunday- Son day: Blake edition 7-UCF update 2

Hi, everybody. Since it’s been (More than?) two weeks from last time I did the sports update, I guess I have to fill you in with the previous games. So here’s the rundown from last time: Maryland upset by UCF, 35-10. The game after that was… oh yeah, Memphis. So, they’re in the same conference as us, so we play them once in a while. Three weeks ago, we played them. Here’s their logo and football uniforms, or at least their helmets:Image result for memphis logoRelated image

Guess who wins…UCF, right? Right! 40-13, another win for the right-now 3-0 (and 1-0 conference) team. Next week, after that is at Cincinnati. Here’s the logo and helmet. By the way, another conference game…

Image result for cincinnati bearcats football helmetImage result for cincinnati bearcats logo

…and they win. Again! This time, 51-23, and it was terminated because of a weather delay. They’re 4-0,and 2-0 in the AAC. Now, to the game last night vs East Carolina, or ECU. Another conference game, and you know the drill…


Related imageRelated image

…who wins? Duh! 63-21, ties the  school record of 63 points. And that’s not the only time they got close, this #22 ranked, 5-0 and 3-0 conference team has! I forgot about week 1, so I’ll do that now. It was against Florida International, or FIU for short. Not a conference game 🙂 so I can show you the Conference USA, or C-USA for short. Here’s FIU…Image result for florida international university football helmet 2017Related image

…and here’s the C-USA:


Image result for conference usa teams 2017plus UAB:        Image result for uab logo

…turns out, UCF used to be in that conference (see below):

Related image plus some other teams.


Anyway, UCF won, (wink,wink) 61-17, easy start before Hurricane Irma gave Florida a visit. That’s your sports update. Get ready for NFL football this afternoon,

Image result for nfl teams 2017Image result for nfl logo flag

see you in two (or more) weeks, and go New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Penguins!                                                                                    -B

Image result for new england patriots logo wallpaper

Image result for pittsburgh penguins


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