Another Monday

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It’s Monday again. Yes, I know I hate to admit the weekend is over again. I enjoy not having to hurry out the door on the weekends and get everything moving so fast. But, it is Monday again.

And, this Monday means the first full week living in our new house. Yes, we have owned the house for a few weeks now. Yes, I have been at the house most of the day for the whole time we have owned it. But, the difference, I’m staying. I not traveling to and from. I don’t have to rush back to the townhouse to pick up the boys only to turn around and go back to the house. Nope, life is slowing down a little bit.

We got a ton done in the last week. All the furniture is here. All the furniture is set up in the correct rooms. Both of the boys bedrooms are painted and we painted Richard’s office. Most of the boxes are emptied. We have filled our recycling bin twice and have more ready for next week.

So what now? Well for this morning, Richard took the boys to the bus stop on his way to work. I’m getting ready to head out to the gym. Then I’ll come home and do typical weekday mom things… laundry, make dinner, maybe bake?

My next house project is to find all the boys’ wall decorations so their rooms are done. I’ll post pictures when everything is hung up. Move all the boys’ book boxes up to Blake’s room where we put the big book shelf. It fit in his closet, which I found fitting since he is the one who reads the most books in this house.

I’m still working on transitioning between feeling like we are visiting to feeling like this is truly home.  I’m not there yet, but we are getting close!

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