Colby’s room

Before we moved into our house, I painted both of the boys’ rooms. I hate builder paint! Ok I got to pick the color of the builder paint in this house, as at least that is decent, but builder paint is terrible. I swear they put a microcoat of paint on the walls. You barely touch the walls and the paint comes off or at least gets stained.

I wanted the boys’ rooms done ahead of time since their furniture takes up almost all the floor space. They each have a full size bed, chest of drawers and a desk. We put their toy boxes in their closets.

I used the same “theme” that they had in their rooms in Orlando since we had just done those about a year ago. Blake’s theme is USA and Colby’s is ocean.

We had all the decorations needed to complete Colby’s room so I did that today.

The newest additions are the fish tank that I painted, he had the fish just on his wall in his Orlando room. Also the quote about the ocean is a new addition.

I need a few more items then I can complete Blake’s room.


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