Hello morning

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All my life I have thrived when I have routines. I need to have the structure of a routine in order to make sure life goes smoothly. I am getting into the groove of my newest morning routine. I know it will change again once the whole move has settled in, but for now I’ll enjoy my newest morning routine.

I get up and head downstairs to help the boys and Richard get ready to head out for the day. I put their lunches in their lunchboxes, remind them to brush their teeth and wear a sweatshirt. Make sure everyone eats breakfast and has what they need for the day.

Richard drives the boys to the bus stop on his way to work. This allows me to then have my own breakfast. I make breakfast and sit down at my laptop and enjoy my breakfast.

I check in with Facebook, have you linked to my Facebook account?  I would love to start having more conversations with my readers on Facebook. I often will post questions related to upcoming posts there.

I often write blog posts at this time as well. I check my blog stats and try to figure out what I can do next to get more followers/readers.

Then eventually I head back upstairs and enjoy a hot shower and figure out what is next for my day. Am I heading to the gym? Do I need to go to the store? Am I volunteering at the boys’ school? Am I going to spend the day emptying out boxes and putting things away? Should I bake something today or just do nothing?

I may not always know what the next step will be, but I will enjoy the morning routine.


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