Soggy Doggy Shop- review

When we first moved to Wexford, PA we lived in a townhouse. We didn’t have a good way to give Dixie a bath. When a dog needs a bath, you don’t want to say… no big deal lets just skip it. So we started looking for a place to take her. That is how we found the Soggy Doggy Shop.


The Soggy Doggy Shop is a do it yourself dog wash place. They have 6 hydraulic dog wash stations. You go in and pick your shampoo, we always splurge the extra $5 for the upgraded shampoo which also gets you a bottle of conditioner. Dixie gets the peppermint and aloe treatment.

Then they take you back into a cubical where you load your dog into the tub. They have a collar/leash that attaches to the wall to keep the dog contained and safe. Now you wash! They have a blow dryer too, but we typically just towel dry Dixie since her coat is lab it doesn’t take much to get her dry enough to leave.

Here’s the perks. The mess of all the dog hair is not my mess to clean. The dog is safe and IMG_20171021_110536contained. There is no dog hair all over my tub/shower. We can wash her without hurting out backs or having to get into the shower with her. The dog hair and dirt isn’t all over my bathroom… notice a trend here?

So if you live in the area and your dog needs a bath… check out the Soggy Doggy Shop. I know we will be back!


-not sponsored by Soggy Doggy Shop.




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