Life is never dull, even when you want it to be.

So this weekend brought about an adventure that was very much unplanned. We originally planned to have a quiet weekend working at the house. Richard was going to work on tweaking the stairs that he installed in the backyard. I was going to work on emptying more boxes and organizing life. Colby needed to work on a power point and a paper pumpkin project for school. Blake was … well Blake was going to read and do whatever Blake wanted to do, for once he didn’t have homework on the weekend.

Saturday we headed to Lowes and then went to DiBellas for subs.  Have you tried DiBellas? If not, you should! When we got home we decided to do some work around before settling down to watch the UCF football game.

The boys decided to get out their bikes and go for a ride on the empty lot next to our house.

Well on one of Colby’s first trip down the slope he hit a rock and then his chin hit his handlebars.

Blake rode over to get us and very calmly told us we needed to go check on Colby. I didn’t understand there was an issue at first because he said it calmly. I looked at him and said “Ummm why do I need to see Colby?” “Mom, he’s bleeding.” This send Richard and I off to see what was going on.

Colby was calmly walking over to us from where he crashed. His chin was obviously split open and there was blood dripping all over him. His first comment to me was “Mom, I moved my grown-up teeth” CRAP!

Image may contain: 1 person, closeupWe took him and and cleaned up the cut and I could tell this was deep and it was in the shape of an X so we knew we needed to get it stitched up. Since everyone was calm we cleaned up all the tools from the backyard, got Colby a new shirt, put all the bikes in the garage and then headed off to the local health and wellness pavilion.

When we arrived there they said there was a 1 hour wait. Richard asked if they would be able to stitch Colby’s face. They decided because of his age and it being on his face we should take him to an ER. They then gave us directions to an ER that is in the next town.

We get checked into the ER and they are are Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoorprepping Colby for stitches they decide to take a picture of his mouth and send it off to their dental person to see what we should do about his teeth and gums. Colby had one tooth that was pushed up and back and two that were pushed down. His gums were split and purple. Their dental person said… “Send him to the children’s hospital tonight”

Ok… off to medical center #3. There we get seen by 2 doctors and a dentist. He ended up with 5 stitches and they had to push his tooth back into place and then tie all his bottom teeth together. They literally glued a piece of fishing line to his 6 front bottom teeth to try to secure the misaligned teeth while we hope they move back into place and the gums reattach so the teeth are wiggly anymore. Oh yes there are all permanent teeth. We go back 2 more times in the next 4 weeks to monitor the teeth.

Well you can’t say we had a dull weekend!


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