Phone calls that made me smile

Today is one of those rainy Monday‘s that most people dread. Today I spent the morning at the boys’ school volunteering with the breakdown of the school’s book fair. I then came home. While here I got 2 phone calls. One I expected and the other I didn’t.

The first phone call was the unexpected one. The boys’ pediatrician office called to check on Colby. They had been notified by the ER that Colby had been in and all that was done. The pediatrician asked me to bring Colby in so that they could check him out and be apprised of the situation. This way if there were any changes to his condition I would be able to bring him in there and they would already have seen him the beginning of the process. Their pediatrician is actually really good with the boys and jokes around with them to make them comfortable. We got flu shots for all 3 of us while we were there.

The second phone call was from the dentist who saw Colby at the Children’s Hospital. He was calling to check on Colby and set up his follow up appointments.

It’s always nice as a parent to see medical professionals take the time to check on your child. The doctor’s office had the nurse call and then the doctor spent the time talking to Colby in the office. The dentist called himself and spoke to me about Colby and set up the appointments.

So while it was a rainy Monday, I know felt warm inside knowing that the people who are caring for my son care.


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