Painting and Podcasts

Today I stayed home to paint. If you follow my blog, you know that I’ve recently moved into our new home. You also know that I have begun painting the new house because builder paint SUCKS!

Today I painted the powder room. This is the smallest room in the house. This should mean it is the easiest to paint… yeah … no! First of all it is a bathroom so there are things in there that can not be removed, well easily. Second of all it is hard to get the ladder in the bathroom to reach the ceilings.

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But, I decided to take this project on today, and completed it. While I was working I was listening to Sporkful podcasts. I got into this show a few weeks ago when they interviewed Guy Fieri.

The Sporkful’s tag line is that they are “Not for foodies, they are for the eaters”. They have known people in and talk about food. I listened to episodes where they spoke to J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, who is a food scientist, I actually have his cook book in my kitchen. During one episode they discussed what makes a slice a pizza a slice of pizza. On the other they talked about if burgers should be eaten as delivery food or only in restaurants.

Other episodes had celebrities such as Lamar Burton and Ty Burrell. These were interesting to hear their food memories and quirky stories.

I like to listen to these podcasts because they are real. You can hear a real conversation and things that motivate you to eat more, eat better, and eat better more (another tagline from the show).

I know I’ll continue to listen, and not just while I’m painting.



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