Menu plan… a bit of a challenge this week

Menu planning was interesting this week. Colby still is not allowed to bite with his front teeth, we go back to the dentist on Nov 6th. This limits what he is able to eat. Hmmm this could be very interesting the next 3 weeks.

Thursday: fish

Friday: pretzel chicken

Saturday: scramblers (late lunch as our neighborhood is trick or treating on Saturday night)

Sunday: burgers– making them in my cast iron pan for the first time

Monday: Philly cheese-steak sloppy joes

Tuesday: Salsa Stoup and quesadillas

Guess I am challenging Rachael Ray this week. Most the the recipes we are having I found from Rachael over the years.

I love being able to tap into foods that we have made over the years when I menu plan. I love to try new recipes, but I also really like going back to tried and true recipes.

What is on your menu? Off to the store… see ya!


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