Winter Woes

When you move from FL to PA you have a very expensive first year. I’m not talking about all the things you pay for during the move. I’m not talking about the things needed when you move into a new house, which is also very expensive.

I’m talking about the fact that we don’t own warm clothes. The weather we are having right now in October in PA is about as cold as it gets in FL for the whole winter. We don’t own winter jackets, snow pants, real gloves or hats. We don’t own boots, other than the fashionable ones I own.

So instead of just having to spend money to purchase all the items that the boys may have outgrown and getting Richard and I a few pieces of this or that to update or replace, we are having to purchase whole wardrobes for all of us.

Oh boy… just waiting to see how we all deal with the real cold of winter this year.


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