Your sense of wonder


Colby left for school wearing a shirt that says “Never lose your sense of wonder”. When we went shopping on Friday he picked this shirt out because the book Wonder, but it means so much more than that.

Colby has a huge sense of wonder. He loves to search for the new ways to think and do everything. When he picked it out it was such the perfect shirt for him.

Both my sons are very smart and I know they will go great places as adults. Colby has said for the last 3 or 4 years that he is going to grow up and find the cure for cancer. This is his goal for himself in life. He may bounce back and forth between wanting to be a marine biologist, a doctor, or other form of scientist, but when you ask him what he wants to do when he is a grown up he wants to cure cancer. I don’t doubt it either.

Blake is very linear. His sense of wonder deals with facts. He needs to know the details. When you ask him what he wants to be/do he says professional football player, this won’t happen since he isn’t driven in this direction. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t do something with sports when he grows up. He loves sports, but he also loves history and politics. I could see him growing up to be a lawyer, maybe a sports lawyer?

No one knows what they will end up being when they grow up, but I just hope they keep their individual senses of wonder. To keep asking questions. To keep wanting to learn more and see new and different.

Never lose your sense of wonder… it is what drives you to move through life with purpose and a smile!


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