November 2nd – Thankful day 2

As I mentioned yesterday, this month I’m going to post each day about the things that make me thankful.

Today I’m thankful for the men my sons are growing into. I love seeing them grow and learn.

Yesterday, Colby decided to make precept bookmarks. If you  have read the Wonder books, then you know why he is writing precepts.


Definition of precept

1:a command or principle intended especially as a general rule of action
2:an order issued by legally constituted authority to a subordinate official
Here are the precepts that Colby wrote:
1. Giving up is easy, but nothing else is
2. A true athlete never quits
3. Helping others is an A+
4. Never give up
5. Don’t learn to live, if you can’t live to learn
6. Being mean to 1 is being mean to all
7. Braveness isn’t given, it’s learned
I’m proud of his precepts and hope he does choose to live by them.