November 3rd- grocery stores are expensive?

This year I’m writing daily on my blog until Thanksgiving. Each day I’m writing about one thing I’m thankful for and why.

Today my topic is spurred as much from reading a few blogs this morning as anything else.

I’m thankful that I know how to cook and bake. I’m thankful that I can go to the grocery store and purchase food to feed my family. That I can make healthy meals that my family will eat.

I often hear people complain about how much they spend at the grocery store. I won’t say that I jump for joy when I see the total each week, but I don’t get upset over it either. I try to purchase items that are on sale. I often use coupons too, but that isn’t why I don’t get upset. I spent a bit of time this summer thinking about this topic.

When I go to the store I always shop with a list. I decide ahead of time our meals for the week. I do buy things that are not on the list, but those are typically sale items. I try to purchase what we need that week. My typical shop for the week is under $200.

For the sake of making life easier lets say I spend $200 a week.  Take 200 and divide it by 4 (the number of people I’m feeding). That make it $50 a person. Take that and divide it by 7 which is $7.14. Then take that number and divide it by 3 (the number of meals a day) which is $2.38. So tell me where else I can get a healthy meal for $2.38. And that doesn’t take into account buying health and beauty items, or other items I may pick up at the store. I don’t know how I could feed my family on $7.14 a day if we didn’t eat at home.

All four of us have breakfast at home. The boys bring lunch from home, Richard’s work provides lunch for him, and I eat at the house. Then the 4 of us have dinner here. We do go out to eat, but it is a treat.

So the next time you think about how expensive it is to shop at the grocery store, do a bit of math and look at the real cost of eating at home. You might just shock yourself!


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