November 6– books, books and more books

For the month of November I’m going to focus on the things/people/experiences/whatever I am for which I am thankful. Something that you Image result for booksmay know having read my blog is I enjoy reading. Ok, I love reading. So do my boys. I began reading to them the day they came home from the hospital and I don’t think they’ve gone a day since without a story or 10.

I love the joy that reading brings a reader. There is something special when you witness a child learn to read for the first time. There is something special when you tap into a child who feels they aren’t a good reader, or don’t like to read and you find that book that flips the switch.

I’m lucky in that my boys learned to read early and have always loved reading. We have books and magazines everywhere. I’m not a huge magazine reader, but Blake and Richard do enjoy them. Richard reads more magazines than books.

I love finding a new book, or even better series of books that I can connect to, and enjoy. I love when I get lost in the book and don’t want to stop reading even when I’m past the point of exhaustion.

For me reading is the best relaxation, and for that I’m thankful for books.

–I will be posting a new book review later today…. be watching!


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