The Bookshop on the Corner- book review

Image result for the bookshop on the corner

I was searching Amazon for a new book to read, and the book The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan was listed as a suggestion. I said… sounds good to me, lets try it out!

I found this book to be a slow read at first, but once the story got going, it was a much quicker read.

Nina is a librarian who finds herself without a library. The library she works is in closing due to decreases in funding.

Nina decides that she is going to forge her own path and sets out to find a new way. She decided that she would like to own her own bookshop. She wants to continue to match books to the reader. To encourage a love of reading.  Little does she know that this new adventure will take her beyond the comfort of her home and onto a whole new life.

Read about Nina and how her love for books helps her bring about a change for so many, but especially herself.

I did enjoy this book, and will have to try out another book written by Jenny Colgan sometime soon.



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