November 8– Neighbors

November is a month that means a lot to our family. Richard and Blake have birthdays in November, Richard and I got engaged many years ago in November. We purchased our Orlando home in November. And there is always Thanksgiving. As you can see its a good month for our family.

Each day for the month, I have been writing about something I am thankful/grateful for at this time.

There are so many things going on in our lives. We moved, we moved again and now we are finally setting into our new lives here in PA.

One thing we are truly enjoying here is the neighborhood. The neighborhood we lived from in FL was good, but there was no connection. The neighborhood we moved into has a true small town feel. We get together for celebrations, we spend time together and enjoy it. The children have met friends. Richard and I have met people we enjoy too.

What’s even better is that as a mom I feel that my boys are safe and happy here. I know that if something happens to them in the neighborhood the neighbors will help.

Today the bus was running really late. Richard brought home our boys and a neighbor boy and I drove the 3 of them to school. We didn’t think twice, we just knew he needed a ride.

This is what a neighborhood should feel like. This sense of community is what makes true people neighbors


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