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November 13- Holidays

There is something special about the months of Oct, Nov and Dec. I always look forward to putting up my Halloween decorations. As soon as Halloween is over I switch to Thanksgiving and then even before turkey day I’m putting up my Christmas decorations.No automatic alt text available.

The magic of sharing these holidays with my sons makes it even more of a magical time. They look forward to this time of the year. The know it means time with friends and family. They know it means lots of good food, conversation and love for all.

Yesterday I decided to put up our Christmas decorations inside the house. There is something that makes a house feel like home when you put up so many memories. I look on the decorations and remember getting them over the years. See the ones the boys have made or picked out and remember Christmas seasons over the years.

We started playing Christmas music which will play in our home until Jan 1st.

Image may contain: christmas tree and indoorI still need to decorate the tree. This is the ultimate memory maker. Each of the boys has a collection of ornaments that they have received or made over the years. They enjoy putting their own ornaments on the tree each year. I love seeing how much higher they can put the ornaments on the tree. I remember when all their ornaments were on the lowest of branches.

This year our house is still in transition. We need new furniture. We are still painting and decorating. The living room/kitchen area is the area we have done the least amount of work, but now it feels the most like home.

Each year we will continue to grow our collection of holiday decorations. Each year our love for the holiday and each other will grow.

But for this year at least, Christmas decorating helped me find a sense of home.


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