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Book Review- The Orphan’s Tale

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I was searching for my next book to read and The Orphan’s Tale,  by Pam Jenoff, peeked my interest. I enjoy reading historical fiction, especially ones with that are based upon real life stories.

The Orphan’s Tale begins and ends in present time, but the crux of the story takes place during World War 2. The story is about how two very different women meet, intertwine their lives, and survive during this challenging time in history.

The book alternates between the point of view of Noa and Astrid. Noa has been forced out on her own and ends up running away and being found by the circus. Astrid is in the circus, she grew up in a circus family, but is now working for another circus.

The Ring Master/ Circus owner challenges Astrid to teach Noa to fly on the trapeze. Astrid doesn’t think this will work out, but doesn’t want to disappoint.

You will read about the trials and tribulations that Astrid and Noa go through as they try to figure out if their forced friendship will help get them through.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good historical fiction, girls friendship, WWII story. It is certainly a page turner and joy to read.


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