November 16- Colby

Colby may not have his birthday in November, but I can’t forget him when I talk about what makes me thankful.

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Colby is my creative, caring, and carefree kid. I have called Colby “Dude” for the last 4 or so years. The nickname just fits him to a “T”. For the most part he is laid back and loves life. Colby is one of those kids that lets stress roll off his back, but push him too much and watch out the claws are sharp.

Image may contain: one or more people and people sittingColby loves science. He loves to discover things. His goal in life, and this has been his goal since he was in first grade, is to grow up and cure cancer. He hasn’t decided if he is going to go into pharmaceutical sciences or some form of medicine yet, but hey he is only 9. I’m not sure if this is the direction he will go, but I can tell you that he will chose a profession that uses his brain for the good of society. Colby would not hurt a fly. He loves animals, people, nature and wants to protect and preserve all.

Colby has a very sarcastic sense of humor. He is learning to Image may contain: people riding bicycles, tree, bicycle, plant, outdoor and naturebalance out when he can and can’t use it. His teachers actually enjoy this side of him. They enjoy being able to use it when they need a break from the chaos of class, but don’t want everyone to see this need for a break. Colby is the type of child that teachers trust. He is often the child who sits next to the child in class who needs a bit of extra patience.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, eating, food and indoorColby does things not to get attention, but just because it needs to be done. He has already received recognition for this at his school. He got a certificate from the administration because he helped a child he doesn’t know clean up a mess in the cafeteria. He said, “she needed help, so I walked over and helped.” The certificate didn’t mean much to him, he was just glad that the little girl thanked him and smiled when he helped.

I can’t wait to see what Colby becomes when he grows up. I know that he will make a difference in the world, or at least his little corner of the world. I’m thankful to be Colby’s mom. Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, plant, tree, grass, outdoor and nature


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