This weekend we traveled to Ft. Lauderdale FL. This was the first time we were back in Florida since the move. We flew out at the crack of dawn, actually before the crack of dawn, on Friday and flew home today.

Fuchs 151

We went back to celebrate the life of Richard’s grandmother. GranPat, as she was lovingly called by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, loved life. She loved to be around people and she loved her family.

Visiting with GranPat was one of my favorite things to do when we went down to Richard’s parents’ house. GranPat loved to travel. I have a plate displayed in my hutch that she brought me back from Europe. The fact that she picked this out for me, gives it even more meaning. We also have a small blue plate Christmas ornament on our tree that was from her. In her house she had a collection of these blue plates hanging on the walls. When she was getting ready to move out of the home and in with her daughter she was giving away ornaments, when I saw this little blue plate ornament, I knew this was the one we needed for our tree.

GranPat was the great-grandparent that my sons knew the best. When Blake was born he had 5 great-grandparents. Many of them passed away when the boys were too young to truly know their great-grandparents. While GranPat had 16 great grandchildren, she made time to get to know all of them. She enjoyed talking to my sons about their performances, as she and her husband also enjoyed being on stage.


GranPat was a loving woman who loved life and those in her life. She will forever have a place in the hearts of our family. Rest in peace GranPat, I know you are up in Heaven with Pop, dressed all in green and making everyone feel loved. We will miss you.



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