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Kelly O’s– restaurant review

When Richard moved to PA in April, he lived in downtown Pittsburgh in an area called “The Strip District“. Within walking distance of the apartment he lived was a diner called Kelly O’s. After visiting he found out that it had been featured on Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives. Richard made a weekly trip to Kelly O’s for brunch on the weekends. He raved over the huge omelettes, but even more so the Grilled Cinnamon Roll.

When I came to visit in May, this was one of the places I had to visit to see what Kelly O’s was all about. Let me tell you his descriptions were spot on. The boys were so excited to try it out too. We took them to the Kelly O’s on the Strip shortly after we moved up to PA.

I decided to watch the episode of Triple D that featured Kelly O’s and realized that the restaurant we’d been to was not the one on the episode. There was a second Kelly O’s…. even closer to where we live!

Whenever anyone comes to visit, we bring them to Kelly O’s! Richard and I tend to get omelettes, Blake gets eggs and Colby gets pancakes. We have tried waffles, french toast and so much more. We have only been there for breakfast/brunch because that is how see the joint. (Check out the menu here)

Yesterday, we were on our way home from the airport. It was around 9 am and we had been up since before 3. It was time to eat. Where to go to get a good breakfast… Kelly O’s. It was also on the way to where we needed to go to pick up Dixie.

When we sat down I said…. Hey I’ve never written about Kelly O’s on my blog. But, when the food arrived I didn’t stop to take photos like normal, I just dove in. I did take pictures when we were almost done… does that count?

The first plate was mine. I had an omelette with ham, cheddar and tomatoes, shredded potatoes and raisin toast. Colby’s in the middle with his chocolate chip pancakes and bacon (he’d already had one pancake and all the bacon, his plate was clean when we left). The plate on the right was Richard’s he had their meat lovers omelette (ham, bacon, kielbasa, sausage and cheese) with shredded potatoes and raisin toast. Blake had eggs and breakfast sausage. He wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t take a picture of him.

We didn’t get a grilled cinnamon roll because well… we didn’t order one fast enough and Blake was miserable and we needed to get Dixie and there was a line out the door.  But, trust me we won’t forget next time.

So, if you are in the Pittsburgh area, either by the Strip or in the north hills, look up Kelly O’s it will be soooo worth your while to stop in and have a bite to eat!


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