November 20, umm 19 and 20?

I forgot to write a thankful post yesterday. I thought I’d had one pre-written, but I didn’t oops.

November 19– Well I’m thankful that I can make mistakes and move forward. This is a trait I’ve tried hard to help my sons understand. No one is perfect. There are some mistakes that take longer to move forward after, but everything is a learning experience. I grew up with the expression: “If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.” While I hope none of my mistakes or the mistakes of my family kill them, I do hope we all learn and grow from all our life experiences.

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November 20- I’m thankful for Dixie. I don’t talk about her much, but she is such a presence in our family. She is loving, caring and very much part of our family. She is afraid of her own shadow, but won’t let anyone mess with the boys. She is very protective of our property and all who live inside it. She has been through a lot this year. She moved to PA with Richard in April and then moved with us to the townhouse and into our home here. She is adjusting to the new neighborhood, the cold and having wooden stairs (not her favorite).

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