Sickness in children means visiting the pediatrician

There is nothing worse than knowing your child doesn’t feel well, but you can’t make it “all better”. Both boys have been to the pediatrician within the last week.

Colby went in on Thursday, yes the day before we traveled, and was diagnosed with atypical walking pneumonia. Today is the first day that he said he felt really good. He was put on an antibiotic and has an inhaler to use.

Blake went in yesterday and was diagnosed with a double ear infection. He also has a post nasal drip that is making him cough and upsetting his stomach. I hate fussing with him about eating, but it has to be done. He is also on an antibiotic.

We knew this was going to be a winter of illness. Growing up in Orlando, the boys are not adjusted to the germs and more that come with a real winter.

The pediatrician that the boys have here is fantastic. They have gone to him only a few times. We went over the summer to have their initial visit plus get some paperwork for school fill out. Then we were back after Colby’s crash so that they could check him and make sure there was no sign of concussion.

When we walked into the office for Colby’s sick visit, the doctor was by the desk. He spoke to Colby as we walked in the door and joked with him about being there because of a bike crash. He quickly took us back and discussed with Colby the issues. He didn’t want to put him on a steroid, but had a script waiting at the office for me to call for if he needed it while we were traveling.

When we walked in for Blake’s sick visit, the doctor was sitting at the desk helping with the check-ins and answering the phones (their morning office clerk had called in sick). He greeted Blake by name and asked him if he was jealous because Colby got to visit him the week before. He told me he would get us back quickly and had us seen by the nurse practitioner.

The first hour of their day is open for walk-in sick visits. Which is really nice because you can have them seen by the doctor and possibly get them to school just slightly late.

While I hate the fact that my sons are sick, and can’t stand hearing them cough, I know that they will be care for by a doctor who treats them like individual and important people.


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