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November 23- Thanksgiving Day

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Happy Turkey Day.  When I think about this holiday the first thing that comes to mind is food. I think about having Thanksgiving as a child and having to go eat 2 Thanksgiving dinners many years, one with each set of grandparents. I think about the years that we traveled with our sons to have Thanksgiving with Richard’s family. I think about the years we stayed home to have Thanksgiving with both sets of my boys grandparents. But, it is typically the food that I think of first. But, that isn’t what we should focus on when we think about Thanksgiving.

Image result for Thanksgiving DayAs I woke up this morning and had the room actually the house to myself, I started thinking. I spend the month talking about the things I’m thankful for this year. I talked about the home we live in, my loving husband Richard, each of my boys (Blake and Colby). I spoke of my extended family and friends near and far. I also talked about the gift of time and so much more. 22 days of looking at my life and thinking what am I grateful for. The thing is, I do this all the time. Thanksgiving is a day for giving thanks aloud, but each and every day we should be giving thanks, being grateful and appreciation what we have, not worrying about what we wish we had.

So this Thanksgiving day, truly take time to realize how grateful you are for who you are and what you have– shelter, food, family, peace, stability, love



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