November 24– one last thought

Yes, I know that yesterday was Thanksgiving, but as I was writing my last Thankful Post, I got to thinking about this post… so here you go, one last ramble on this topic.

As I sit back and reflect on what I have to be thankful for I realize that it isn’t “things” or even people, it is a state of “be” that we should look at and wish for in life.

Let me make that statement a bit clearer. When I think about what I want for my sons future I don’t think of the things I want them to have, but the way I want them to live life.

I wish for my sons:

  • to be productive members of society with professions that allow them to use their talents for good
  • to be understanding and patient with those around them
  • to be humble more than proud
  • to be learners not just in school, but in life
  • to use the resources they have to help those who don’t have
  • to love themselves before they try to love another
  • to love and accept another for who they are together and who they are apart
  • to take pride in what they have, to strive for more– but, in a way that keeps in their means and doesn’t bring down the things that truly make life worth living
  • to enjoy time alone and see the value of quiet
  • to spend time with friends and family outside of work
  • to realize that work is a part of your life not your whole life
  • to not forget your mistakes, but to grow from them
  • to fail, get up brush yourself off and move on with life

I could continue this list as my wishes for my sons are long and deep. But, what I realize most is I want them to be…



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