Let me take your picture

I always hated to pose for pictures. It started when I was young and has continued through life. I never think I look good unless it is a picture I don’t expect to be taken.  You know those real life shots where you have a real facial expression because you aren’t posing?

Well since this is the way I’ve always felt, I never really made my kids pose for pictures when they were young. Yes, we have the obligatory first day of school and Halloween pictures. But, for the most part all the pictures I have of the boys are of them doing something. And, I have a TON of pictures of them over the years.

Whenever I try to take a posed picture of them I get those I hate this, why are you taking my picture, are we done yet looks.

Today for example, we went to celebrate Christmas with my family since my brother lives 2.5 hrs away and my parents were up we decided to get everyone together for the first time in forever?

So both boys on their own dressed nice and in Christmas colors. I said… lets get a few pictures before we leave.

After fussing over the sun, and the angle and having to stand near each other this is the pictures I got at the front door… yeah not worthy of my time in Photoshop.

Ok lets try inside at the fireplace. Can you pretend to be happy?

Guess not!

Oh well…. I should expect nothing less. Back to action shots for my family.


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