Blake’s room

I have been slowly working my way around the house finishing room by room. I painted both of the boys rooms before we moved into the house. I had finished Colby’s room first since we had most of his decorations from our FL home and he got the last few things we needed for his room on his birthday back in June.

Blake’s room we also did in the same theme he picked for his room back in FL. His room has a patriotic theme. Some of the decorations he had in FL didn’t make the trip with us, ie posters that didn’t survive being in his room. He also had a few small walls in FL, but only big walls here so we had to replace a few things.

We decided to add a sports flair into his room this time since he is a huge sports fan. My parents got him the 4 canvas pictures next to his bed which combines USA and sports. What could be better? His quote is also from Vince Lombardi which adds to the sports tie-in.

His room now feels finished, I still need something for over his bed, but that will come when I find the perfect item. Until then it at least feels finished. So here is Blake’s room…


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