What is normal?

Back to normal? So often you hear people talking about wanting life to get back to “normal”. I know I have said this so many times in my life. When the kids are sick, when we have been off schedule for a while, and when life decides it was time for a curve ball.

But, I often wonder… what is normal? Why do we search for normal? Life isn’t the same day after day, it can’t be because every day is a new day. Yes, there are things in life that are routine and are similar each day, but does that make it normal?

Is my normal the same as another persons normal? I’m not even sure my perception of normal is the the same as Richard’s perception of normal. I know it isn’t the same as the boys.

So why is it that we search for this elusive normal? Why do we feel the need to be different than we are at this moment? What makes the way things were in the past better than they are at this moment? Why can’t we be happy with the way things are now or will be in the future?

I know there are things I wish for, but I think it is more calm moments than “normal”. So as the boys head back to school and their weekly routines, I enjoy my “normal” for today and am learning to accept that this isn’t the same as my normal of yesterday or tomorrow.


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