Let the Countdown Begin

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Today is the first day of December. Yes, I know I’ve had my holiday decorations up for weeks now, but this is the official start. Today is the day you start the advent calendar, the Christmas countdowns and the memories. My boys look forward to this day every year.

Over the years we have done a variety of different Christmas countdown activities. Image result for christmas countdownWhen my boys were younger we wrapped Christmas books and read a different Christmas story each day. As they have gotten older and the books they enjoy get much longer, we have since ended this tradition.  The last few years we have purchased Lego Christmas countdowns. They started the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar this morning.

One tradition we have had for years is our Countdown to Christmas magnets. Each year they decide if they are putting the cookie magnets on the cookie sheet or taking them off. This year Colby got to do the first magnet and he decided to take one off each day, so we see there are 24 days left.

Another tradition we have done the last few years is videos from the Portable North Pole. This is the coolest thing ever. Each year the PNP puts out both free and paid for videos. Santa talks directly to your child. My sons love these videos and are excited to see what part of the North Pole Santa will show each year. (I send Richard an adult video each year too. )

I love to see the excitement in my sons as we get closer to Christmas. Knowing they will have time off school.  Knowing they want to spend time together doing holiday things. So today I smile, because it’s …Image result for december word art


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