Christmas Music

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I may like Christmas just a little bit? At the baby shower yesterday, they were giving me a hard time about putting up my Christmas decorations so early. Ok I put them up even early for me this year, but hey it made my house happy and that is the gift of the Christmas season.

Besides putting up my decorations early, we also started listening to Christmas music at the same time. I love the music of the holiday season. We have an Amazon Fire TV stick on the tv in our living room. We use it all the time to listen to music. There is a great selection of music. You can listen to stations, albums, artists, a specific song and much more. I have enjoyed finding the various different Christmas music stations. Right now I’m listening to Relaxing Christmas Station, it is a nice mix of popular and traditional songs.

The boys love the fire stick too. They enjoy talking to Alexa and asking questions. Every day they have to say “Good Morning Alexa!” so that Alexa can tell them a fact about today. Colby loves to have Alexa tell jokes. Blake like to learn new facts from Alexa.

We are already talking about getting a second Fire TV so that we can have one in the basement as well at the one in the living room. The new one will have 4K capability, which excites Richard since he has this Onkyo receiver on our list of things to get for the new house. When we built the house we had surround sound systems built into the living room/kitchen area as well as the basement. The living room has a 7 point system with a second zone added over the end of my island. If you can’t tell, we love music.

We play music in this house all the time. When the boys are home the music is almost always on. And the Fire Stick makes it so much easier to play the music we want to hear.

Do you have a streaming device that you use at home? What kind of music do you listen to? Have you started playing Christmas music in your house/car? 


I am in the process of adding Amazon Affiliate to my blog site. This means I will get a percentage of any purchases made through my blog site. Anything you read about on my blog is my own thoughts and opinions. I will not post about an item we do not use ourselves. I will not be influenced to post by the proceeds of this Amazon connection. I shop at Amazon all the time and already link you to Amazon when I do my product reviews. So read my blog and know that these posts are true Lori posts… just with a few extra links. 

2 thoughts on “Christmas Music

  1. I have enjoyed listening to Christmas music on the Firestick too. It’s neat how it rolls the lyrics on the television screen. We just bought another one for our bedroom. We have been listening to Christmas music in the house, the car, and any chance we get. 😉

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