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Portable North Pole

Every year my sons each receive a video from Santa straight from the North Pole. Santa contacts the boys with his PNP machine, also known as the Portable North Pole. The boys see Santa check their big book to see if they are on the naughty or nice list. Some years he tells them which list they are on, and other years he just reminds them to do their best to behave.

If you go onto the PNP website you can get these videos sent to your loved ones, young and old, for free or you can upgrade to the video pass get unlimited videos which for $9.99 or you can upgrade to Magic Pass ($13.99) which also does phone calls and bedtime stories from Santa. They also donate 5% to a local children’s hospital.

PNP will also send your child a special birthday message on their birthday. This is also something else my boys look forward to each year.

I posted the link to Blake’s video on my Teacher Turned Mommy Facebook page. You can check out the free video for this year there.

I hope you choose to bring this magic to your child.


I am not being paid or receiving anything from PNP. I just love this service and wanted to share it with you. 

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