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Where is your….???

Where is your sweatshirt? Where is your water bottle? What happened to all the pencils I bought you at the beginning of the year? What do you mean you left your homework at school?

It seems like some days I ask these questions more than other days. For as smart as my sons are, they are still kids. Some weeks are worse than other weeks. This week Blake managed to lose his Under Armor Sweatshirt. This is the second sweatshirt he has lost this year. He thought he knew where he left it, but when he checked there and in lost and found he says it is gone. I did ask “Were looking with his eyes and hands or with the force?” This is a running joke in our family since 90% of the time the item is where I said it would be if they just looked.

Both boys keep leaving their water bottle at school. They both have Brita filtered water bottles at school. We purchased these for our first Disney Cruise. These water bottles are great for school. The boys can fill the water bottle in any sink and still have filtered water. Having worked in enough schools I can tell you they need the water filtered!  This is the water bottle that I take to the gym as well. I love knowing that I can drink filtered water anywhere

Richard and I made a decision a long time ago to not fix these problems for the boys. They need to take responsibility for their items. I typically will replace an item once and then they are responsible to replace it the next time. Blake had to buy himself a new Under Armor Sweatshirt. He went onto Amazon and found this one and paid us to order it for him.  (I then went on and ordered both Blake and Colby Adidas Sweatshirts since they will be wearing them a lot this winter.)

I often think that I don’t think the way that many parents think. I don’t know if it is because I was a teacher? If it’s the sons that I’m raising? Or if its just that I’m not like other people? But it’s hard when I see so many parents rescuing their kids from every situation in their lives and I just don’t see that as beneficial. Maybe it’s the whole difference between what really happens and what people want others to see happening? I don’t know, but I know that I’m not here to make my sons lives easy. I’m here to make their lives real. I always say I’m raising men not boys. I want them to understand that in life people need to stand up and take responsibility for their own actions. That everything in life is a choice, and choices have consequences.

I never know if I’m making the right choices. I often question my decisions, but I never back down from them. So, today while I’m at the boys school I may just stop by the lost and found and see if I can find Blake sweatshirts. But, even if I do, he will still have learned a lesson when he had to spend $30 of his own money to buy a sweatshirt. Hopefully he will remember this the next time he puts his sweatshirt down somewhere.


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2 thoughts on “Where is your….???

  1. Thank you for teaching your boys such an important lesson! I think it’s not often enough that parents make their children responsible for their actions. I know this comes in tiers, as they get older they can accept more responsibility, but as a teacher I’m constantly surprised how many excuses parent’s have for behavior or forgetfulness. I’m sure your boys will grow up to understand how important this lesson is. 🙂

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