So much loss

In reading my Facebook feed the last few days, I’ve seen two different lives lost. One a young girl here in the area I live in PA. The other a high school girl in the area I lived in FL. Both young ladies with the first name Mary, even though the high school girl went by her middle name Grace.

I do not know the details of either of these losses, and I don’t need to. I just know that there are so many out there grieving. Parents grieving the loss of their daughter. Siblings grieving the loss of their sister. Classmates, friends and acquaintance grieving.

There is no good time to loss a child, it’s just not supposed to happen. But, the holiday time makes it that much worse. It brings my mind the Sandy Hook tragedy, which took place 5 years ago Dec. 14th. How as a parent do you bury your child? How do you move forward? It is not something that one can plan for. It is not something that anyone can understand or even try to fathom how you would cope with this tremendous loss.

So remember that each day is a gift. Each life is precious. Each person you meet is someone son/daughter. Live your life to the fullest. Love your children while providing them roots and wings. Take time to reflect and realize that life is so worth it, and our children are so much more.

I sent loving prayers to those families both here and in FL that are dealing with this loss. Those families who are trying to help their own child understand loss. I think of the families from Sandy Hook who are getting closer to an anniversary no one wants to celebrate. I think of those who are watching their child fight for their lives.

Today I think, I pray, I remember, and most of all…. I love.


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