Missing the Disney Magic


Every year we went and spent sometime at Disney during the holidays. Even when the boys were little and we didn’t take them into the parks we went to Downtown Disneylights (now Disney Springs).

Let me tell you Disney does the holidays right! I’ve always said a bad day at Disney is better than an ok day anywhere else. We took the boys in many times to see the Osborne lights, the best was the last year they showed them. The boys were old enough to truly enjoy this and it just felt that much more magical. I’ll post a video of this on my blog’s Facebook page.

One of our favorite things to do during the holidays was to go into EPCOT and travel around the world. Most of the countries have their version of Santa or gift giver there telling the story of how the holidays are celebrated in their area of the world.

One thing that helped make Disney that much more magical was the fact that we had annual passes. We didn’t have to pay to park. We could go as often as epcot treewe want and stay as long as we wanted. We would often go in and not ride a single ride, or only those we got fast passes for. If we missed something it didn’t matter because we could go back. We enjoyed just being in the hustle and bustle of the park. Watching people move about and seeing the little things that often get overlooked when you are there on a short vacation.

Last year the week before Christmas we were on a Disney Cruise. This was a great way to soak in the Disney Christmas magic. The cruise wasn’t over the top Christmas, but just enough mixed in with the rest of the Disney magic.

Well, I won’t be going to see the mouse this year during the holiday time, but I have all my memories to look back on.



3 thoughts on “Missing the Disney Magic

  1. I enjoyed reading this. I learned a lot! The Christmas Around the World at Epcot sounds fun! We went to Williamsburg, Virginia one Christmas. We got the three day Christmas pass. We were able to explore Old Williamsburg during the day and go to Busch Gardens Christmas Town at night. They do a Christmas Around the World experience. It was so much fun! This trip is what inspired my podcast. This year we went to Disney Springs. I don’t know if they had this in the past but they had a Christmas Tree Trail. Several Christmas Trees all with a different Disney movie theme. I loved it! There was “snow” falling and you could sign up to see Santa. A Christmas Disney Cruise sounds fun too! I went on a Disney Cruise when I was in middle school with a friend and her family. I hope to take my family on a Disney Cruise one day. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. the Christmas Tree Trail must be new. So much has changed at Disney Springs the last few years I can’t keep up. Disney Cruises are fun no matter what time you go. We have been on 3 in 2 years and would go back again in heartbeat. I’ll have to look into the Virginia trip now that we are in PA Virginia is about 4 hrs away and would be a fun trip in the winter time

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