I have my Santa Key

Typically I write my blog posts in the morning right after the boys leave for school. This is just a quite time in my day so I take it to blog. Well, this morning I didn’t know what in the world I would blog about. I did type up one of the two Tasty Tuesday recipes that I’m going to post tomorrow, but I didn’t want to post it today.

I decided to go on with my day and just figured that the post would come to me at some point later in the day.

So I went to the gym and then to the grocery store. While I was leaving I heard a little girl speaking to a grocery store employee. The little girl was sitting in the carriage and her mom had stopped just inside the door to put on hats and gloves. The employee, who was entering the store with a load of carriages, stopped and asked the little girl if she was ready for Santa. The little girl’s voice rang out with excitement. “Yes! I just got my Santa Key” You could just hear the joy in this little girls heart. She had the answer. She was now ready for Santa.

P1070309Our home in FL did not have a fireplace. So, we too had a Santa Key. What is a Santa Key you ask? Well it is a very magical key that you place on the outside of your door on Christmas Eve. This is how Santa can get inside your home if you do not have a chimney.

My sons grew up with a Santa key. Every Christmas eve we put the Santa Key out from on the door knob and Santa left it on the table where we left his milk and cookies. We still have our Santa key hung by our front door this year. We will see if the boys choose to put it outside since our fireplace is a gas log and there really isn’t a true chimney and there is glass in front of the log. I will leave that up to the boys.

But, if you do no have a fireplace in your home, or your child is worried about Santa fitting in the chimney or anything like that, you may want to get your own Santa Key, it’s a memory worth having.


Do you have a Santa Key? Do you have any other traditions similar to this that help your child understand the magic of Christmas?


Each of the links I posted on this blog post is linked to Amazon Associates. I put different Santa Key links on each one ranging from $5 to $23 depending on how fancy you want your key. If you choose to click on these links and purchase the keys, I will get a percentage of the purchase. Remember I’m just using these links to share with you what I would anyway. The pictures I post is my actual Santa Key hanging on our front door. 



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