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Baked Potato Soup

Since life is cold here in PA, we have been eating more soup in our house. My sons did not grow up eating soup, when you live in Orlando, you don’t really need to eat soup. Over the years they had tried a few different soups, but since they didn’t eat it often they didn’t really ask for soup ever.

Since we’ve moved here I’ve been trying to make at least one batch of soup a week. Both boys tried my Baked Potato Soup the last time we went to Panera Bread, so I decided to test out a Copy Cat Panera Bread Baked Potato Soup recipe last week.

I pretty much followed the recipe as written with a few minor changes. I used a whole small sweet onion that I diced finely. I also used teeny tiny potatoes, have you seen these? I cooked them whole instead of chopping up a baking potato. The final thing I did was use chicken stock instead of broth and leave out the chicken stock base. Ok so there were some changes, but they weren’t major…??

Once the potatoes were cooked I broke them up and left them in large chunks in the soup (my downfall with Colby, but I’ll get to that later).

We had this with grilled cheese, what is better than grilled cheese and soup?



Blake really enjoyed the soup. He ate a whole bowl of it and actually licked the bowl clean. Image result for 4 stars

Colby didn’t like the soup. He liked the broth, but didn’t like the chunks of potatoes. He said it would have been better if I had used my “boat motor” to break it down into a smoother soup. Image result for 1 stars

Richard said it looked like a bowl of mashed potatoes, but then really enjoyed eating the soup. He felt it needed more bacon than I put in it, but Colby had eaten most of the bacon we had so I only had 2 pieces to add to the soup… I agree that more bacon would have made it better.  Image result for 3 stars

I really enjoyed this soup and will make it again. Next time, I will cook chopped up bacon in my sauce pan and then use the fat from that to cook the onions. This will add more bacon goodness into the soup. I will also blend it into a smoother soup so that maybe Colby will eat it? Image result for 4 stars


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