Sandy Hook Remembered

Every generation has that tragedy that defines them. Sadly I think my generation has had more than our fair share. When you ask me about the dates and times I will remember I think of the Challenger and Columbia explosions . I think of Columbine. I think of the Oklahoma City bombing. I think of 9/11. I think of Sandy Hook. I think of the Boston Marathon. I think of the Orlando Night Club. And these are just a few of the devastating things that happened in my life.

These were all opportunities to look at the world as wrong/evil. Or opportunities for our world to come together and see that through sadness come strength.

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Today is the 5th anniversary of Sandy Hook. If you don’t know/remember this story, a lone gunman went into an elementary school and began shooting. Teachers put their lives on the line to try to protect their students. 20 children and 6 staff members lost their lives that day. 26 people with so much life in front of them. So much life to live… gone.

This was my post on Facebook after hearing about this shooting:

This tragedy struck me in so many levels. Now we need to stand up and say… Evil can’t win. New heros were found. Love will win, love did win. For although to many lives were lost. Those children saw the love and protection of their teachers both those who lived and those whose lives were cut way too short.

Teachers don’t always get the respect and certainly don’t get the pay they deserve, but know this…a good teacher doesn’t just want to teach your child facts. They want to teach them to live. They love them, worry about them, cheer them and cry for them. And they would give their lives to protect them

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At the time I wasn’t teaching, but I still thought of myself as a kindergarten teacher. I sat there and though about how I too would have put my life on the line for my students. At the same time I had my sons, Blake was in kindergarten. This tragedy hit me on so many levels. What would I do if I was in that school? What if it was my children? Would they be safe? Would their teacher protect them?

The answer to this is yes.. .I would protect my students. (I always talk about my students as my kids and my sons as my children) I also know that my sons teacher would try to protect them… that’s what teachers do.

So, today I think of the families who lost so much 5 years ago today. Those children who should be in middle school. Those teachers who had many more classes of kids to touch and love.

I look at my sons and say, evil will not rule over love



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