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Daily Prompt: Silent— Winter Silence?

P1070358Often times when we look out at the winter we think of silence. The world looks so still and peaceful. The white snow adds a blanket of calmness to the world. There is something special about looking out the window onto a winter world. Seeing a bird swoop in and gather food. The winds gently moving the snowflakes through the air. There is sitting by a fireplace or by the Christmas tree. Wrapping up in blankets and reading a good book.

But, winter isn’t just silent. Winter is laughter. Winter is activity. Winter is spending time with those you love.

There is something special about seeing your children playing in the snow. Going sledding, ice skating and just having a fun time being kids. There is something special about watching the dog try to catch snowballs. Hearing the laughter as you try to hit each other with the perfect snowballs while shoveling snow. There is something special about the wrapping up and watching Christmas movies. And, who could ever forget about being around the Christmas tree opening presents.

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So while winter can be quiet, silent, it can also be loud and boisterous. I’ll take grand doses of both.

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