You won’t find the meaning of Christmas in a box

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As we get closer to Christmas, we need to remember that life isn’t about the gifts under the tree. Richard and I decided when our boys were young that Christmas wasn’t going to be about an abundance of gifts. Over the years there have been less and less gifts under the tree. It’s about finding that right thing, not about finding the most things. It is about sharing the time off of work and school together.

We have always spent Christmas Eve just the four of us. It is a time to have a meal together, laugh together, spend time being a family. A time to enjoy each other before the craziness of traveling between extended families. We had decided that even when the boys were older that would be our time for the four of us to celebrate.

This year we have already celebrated the holiday with both sets of grandparents. This year we will spend the Christmas Eve and Christmas day just the 4 of us. We will wake up on Christmas day and open the gifts we have, more important we will spend time together.

I hope that as my children look back over the holidays of their youth, they remember the love that we shared. That they got gifts that were meaningful. That Christmas isn’t about how many gifts, or how much the gifts cost. That Christmas is about love. Christmas is about the magical feeling. They remember the traditions we created together. They remember the times we spent laughing, loving each other and just being ourselves together.

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