Christmas Ornaments

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Christmas is about traditions. One tradition we have in our family is to get a new ornament each year. The first year a person joins the family (through marriage, birth or whatnot) they get a Santa ornament. My mother has a Santa ornament for each of our family members on her tree. I also have a Santa on my tree that represents Richard, Blake, Colby and myself. I will continue this tradition and keep this Santa ornament even when I give them their ornaments when they grow out.

Each year I pick out an ornament for the boys, and occasionally Richard. Some years I get the boys ornaments that represent things they have done that year. Some years I find ones that I just like. They have a good mix of matching/similar ornaments and ones that are nothing like each other.

We also have a collection of Disney ornaments. Most are Mickey face shaped ornaments that are decorated to look like anything but the Mouse. Richard even picked me up one this year when he traveled to Orlando, right after Thanksgiving.

The boys get to put their own ornaments onto the tree each year. They enjoy doing this. I enjoy looking back on all the ornaments and remembering. I love looking back on the ornaments that I have with photos inside. I love seeing the ornaments they made over the years to see how they wrote their name, used their creativity and so much more.

I hope that this is a tradition that my sons enjoy. This is a tradition that I took over from my own childhood and would love to see them take it own into their own families. I hope they know how much love had gone into picking out the ornament(s) each year. The love that goes into seeing the number or ornaments grow each year. The love of seeing my sons lives represented on the tree.

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Do you have personalized ornaments on your trees? Do you get/give ornaments to your family members annually? Do you have the ornaments from your own childhood?


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