My mind is blank?

Some days I have multiple blog posts running through my head. Some days I know what I’m going to write even before I have time to log into my computer.

But, some days like today I don’t know what direction to follow. Where to go to write the day’s post. Some days I feel like there just aren’t the right words to put my thoughts down. Some days I feel like I don’t  have a topic worthy of sharing.

I wish I knew what direction to travel. What my readers enjoyed reading. So many blogs have such a specific focus that the blogger knows today I need to post about blah… But, I don’t. I write about life. I write about the things that pop into my head. I post about recipes I’ve made, the books I’m reading, and the adventures of life. But, what do you do when nothing pops into your head, your not done reading a book or have a recipe worth sharing? What does one post about when life feels unworthy of sharing?

Well… I guess for me today the post is about the fact that I’ve stood at my computer multiple times today and tried to write a post to no avail. So instead I write about not knowing what to write… now there is an oxymoron.



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