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Last Christmas in Paris- book review

As I mentioned in yesterdays ramble post, I often know what I’m going to blog about before I even have a chance to blog it…. this is one of those posts.

Last night I finished reading the book Last Christmas in Paris, by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb. I heard about this book on another blog and decided to order it on Amazon since I needed a new book.

When I order the book I expected it to be a romantic, historical fiction set in the time of World War I. While it is that… it is also soooo much more.

The whole story is written in letter and telegraphs between Evie and the ones she loves who are off in France during WWI. Evie corresponds with her brother and her brother’s best friend, Thomas, who went off to serve God and King at the start of World War I. They were all told that they would be home for Christmas. Evie and Thomas jokingly made plans to spend Christmas together in Paris, but this does not occur (as we know the war lasted much longer than a few months).

Evie and Thomas create a strong bond that is forged even tighter as they both try to deal with the horrors of war. Thomas is an officer on the front lines and Evie tries to make sense out of how to help from back home in England. The letters that pass back and forth between the two of them (as well as between Evie and the other characters you meet in the story) show the struggle of young adults during the trying times of war.

While I would not call this book a Christmas story in the least, it was a fantastic book and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good historical fiction story. I didn’t think I’d like reading the story in letter format, but it helped envelop me into the mindset of all the characters seeing what they wrote. It also made the book a quick read. I read the story in less than 5 days.

So if you enjoy historical fiction or just love a good book about life, friendship, hardship and love; then I recommend that you look at Last Christmas in Paris, I’m sure glad that I did.


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