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What do you think of this dish?

I’ve had many people tell me that I’m a good cook. People love my baked goods. But, there are two people I hardly ever seem to be able to please… my own two sons. I kid you not.

My boys almost never eat the baked goods I make. Now granted neither of my boys has a sweet tooth. They tend to veer away from sweet treats. For example, I don’t think either one of my boys has had a single piece of Halloween candy since October.

I realize that many kids are picky. I realize that my boys do enjoy a lot that I make, but there are so many times when they turn their nose up at what I make. If I think about it, it typically is anything that is mixed. My boys prefer to have grilled meat and a side dish. When we lived in FL, we grilled meat of some kind almost every day. Many nights we had grilled chicken and salad.

Last night we had meatloaf, which we’ve had many times over the years. Blake ate his, but Colby acted like it was the worst dish you could ever serve. Oh well dude, eat your apples and drink you milk.

You see when they were little I would always make things I knew they would eat. Since they don’t like the same things I found that I was always making way too much stuff. So I stopped. Now I make dinner… like it or don’t eat. You can have more of what I serve, but you can’t have anything else unless you eat what is on your plate. I typically don’t make their plates, but they have to take a bit of everything I’m serving.

Well my boys may not always be my biggest fan in the kitchen, but they do appreciate me cooking and baking. I keep hoping that one of these days they will realize that by trying things over and over helps you really figure out what you like. I also hope they learn to respect the chef, especially when the chef is your mother.


4 thoughts on “What do you think of this dish?

  1. Meatloaf sounds good! I can relate to the picky eating…since I’ve been home I’ve been trying out new dishes. I’ll be so proud of the new food I whipped up in the kitchen and then my daughter will come in, take one glance, stick out her tongue, and say yuck! I remember doing this to my mom so I guess I’m getting it back now. 😉

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