3 more sleeps until Christmas

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The countdown continues… Today is the boys last day of school for 2017. They are excited to go have a fun day with their friends. 3 more “sleeps” until our first Christmas in PA. We are looking forward to our first Christmas together in the new house.

The boys received personalized letters from the big man himself. This helped them know that Santa had the correct address. So that anxiety is totally gone. Now its just excitement over the day. Now I just need to finish wrapping gifts.

Santa does not wrap the gifts he leaves at our house, and never has. But, I still have to wrap the gifts we are giving. As I mentioned in my post the other day, we don’t go overboard on the holiday. Now, I’m not saying that we don’t spend money on the holiday. We are more into getting big items that will mean something than a whole bunch of stuff that won’t get used beyond Christmas day. For the last few years (3 or 4 at least) we have been getting the boys tickets to experiences as their big gifts. This way the holiday continues until the tickets are done. Holidays are about spending time with family. Holidays are about smiles and laughter. Going and doing things together means these same things.

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We keep watching the weather reports too. We are hoping to have a white Christmas this year. There is just something magical about waking up on Christmas morning to a world that is pure and white. To seeing the still and quiet of the holiday season, while you are up and opening gifts. Right now the world is more green and brown. It is actually forecast to be in the 50s today, which is crazy!

I hope the last few days/nights in your countdown are productive. I hope you find your smile. I hope that the gifts under the tree are filled with meaning and love. I hope your children love their winter break. Keep the magic alive.



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