December 31

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This was a year of huge changes for my family. But, it was a year that was so worth it. We will look back on 2017 with many fond memories. It started off very busy with Richard getting a new job, selling and packing the Orlando house, me giving up my job and the boys leaving the only elementary school they ever attended.

But, there was so much positive change as well. The boys are in a school they enjoy and that they are actually getting challenged in a level of learning. They have made new friends and are seeking out new challenges. Richard really is enjoying his new job and the company he is working for now. We love our new house and are enjoying the changes of the seasons.

All three guys have had many firsts… first snow, first white Christmas, first temperatures in single digits. The boys have played in the snow, gone ice skating and sledding.

We look forward to 2018 and while we hope for change, as change is good, we hope the changes are a bit more subtle this year.

I hope that 2017 closes with fond memories for you and the door to 2018 opens with promise of fun and excitement.

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