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Lost Sea Adventure- Vacation day 1

As promised more details about our vacation. The first day we drove from PA to TN. We decided to stop just outside of Knoxville. This got us a good chunk of the way to GA.

We were trying to decide what to do on Friday. We debated driving to Chattanooga, TN. We were considering going to Ruby Falls or Rock City. We hadn’t made a decision nor were we gung ho about either location. We were sitting at the hotel eating breakfast when one of the employees asked about our plans. When we told her the possible options she suggested looking at Lost Sea Adventure in Sweetwater, TN. She let us know that Sweetwater was her hometown.

We looked into the Lost Sea Adventure and it ended up being in a better location for the rest of our travel to GA, so we decided… why not?

As we drove to Sweetwater we saw soooo many signs for Ruby Falls, we were glad we didn’t go there since that typically is a good indicator that it is just tourist trap.

When we arrived at Lost Sea it wasn’t very busy, but we were still game for an adventure. We went and purchased tickets for a tour to see the lost sea. While waiting for our tour time we went and checked out the gift store and the out buildings which included a glass blower who was working. (We ended up getting a few blow glass Christmas ornaments before we left).


Image may contain: outdoorWhen it was time to go on our tour we started down a long tunnel, which we later found out was added to the cave to make the entrance easier for the masses.

We then walked on a bridge to see one set of stalactite and Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, child and outdoorstalagmite that are still active as well as rather impressive. Blake was freaking out on the bridge. He informed us he is now afraid of heights, but when questioned he still likes roller coasters, The Tower of Terror and other things that involve heights. I think he just didn’t like the bridge.

Image may contain: night, outdoor and nature


We then walked through the tunnels to a variety of caverns. These were used by the local Native Americans in both the extremes of winter and summer as the cave is a constant 60 degrees. This cave was also used in the Civil War, as a fall out shelter and in the 40s it was a bar/night club. Throughout the tour we saw items that represented these phases (left over rations, a moonshine still, and more).

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We made ourImage may contain: night and outdoor way down to the Lost Sea where we got to ride on a boat to see the Image may contain: night and outdoorrainbow trout that they stocked the lake with back in the 70s. The tour guide was good and told a lot about the cavern as we traveled. He was also good with the boys and the other kids in the group.

It was a fun time. It is one of those been there done that don’t need to go again places, but it was so worth the trip. It wasn’t super expensive and we had fun and learned a bit. If you find yourself near Sweetwater, TN, check out the Lost Sea Adventures. You will probably find a smile on your face.


Image may contain: 2 people, night, outdoor and indoor


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