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Georgia Aquarium – Vacation day 2

Our first day in Atlanta found us going to the Georgia Aquarium. Aquariums are one place that we often go to on vacation. I mean who doesn’t love a huge aquarium? Plus, Colby is a marine animal lover, especially dolphins. So when we find an aquarium on our travels, we often make it part of our plans.

When we were setting up the plans for Atlanta this was the first thought of where to go, well expect for the Peach Bowl of course. The Georgia Aquarium has got a lot of great reviews, so we decided to go for it.

We started off going and walking around and took in both the dolphin and sea lion show. These shows weren’t bad, but since we used to have Sea World passes, the shows were just ok to us. (It’s hard when you’ve lived near Sea World and Disney to not compare everywhere to these big icons)

When we arrived at the aquarium, it was busy. But it got crazy crowded as the day went on. We saw lots of people wearing UCF gear, and had many stop us. One lady even leaned over the table we were sitting at having a snack and yelled “Go Knights” right in our faces, we were a bit startled, but managed to say “Charge on!” right back to her. The pictures below were taken around 2pm when we were having lunch. This was just in the entry way.

We had decided to purchase back stage tour while we were this, this is something we No automatic alt text available.have done at other aquariums in the past as well. This is always a neat way to see the aquarium. Yes, we have seen more filters, skimmers and such than we’d ever need to, but there is so much more to these tours. We also got to see the top of two of the tanks, one being the tank that holds 4 whale sharks. We heard the story of how UPS helped bring these whale sharks over from Taiwan. Image may contain: outdoor and water

The other tank we saw was at the top of their “diver tank” this was a simulated coral reef. They have live coral in this tank and have it simulated to replicate the actual waters in the ocean. This includes having dump tanks which dump water into the tank every 2 minutes to simulate the waves. This was one of Blake’s favorite parts of the tour and he would have spent more time watching this if he could have.  The pictures below are of the boys looking into the divers tank. I love the content look they each have as they watch the fish, waves and just relax.

Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses, closeup and indoorImage may contain: one or more people, closeup and outdoor

We managed to get to all the exhibits and spent almost the whole day there. We enjoyed it a lot. The kids really enjoyed the tank with the 4 whale sharks. There were also at least 2 HUGE manta rays in that tank. The top picture was taken in a tube that allowed you to walk through the whale shark tank.  Ray guided right over us as we were walking through. The bottom picture is at the 60 foot viewing window they have for this tank.

Image may contain: outdoor, water and nature

No automatic alt text available.

The Georgia Aquarium was cool. We really enjoyed seeing the gentle giants gliding through the water. I’m not sure the lay out of the aquarium made a whole lot of sense. There were multiple occasions where we questioned why they put things where they did. I can certainly tell you that they did not do a good job setting up the entrance and exits to the two show venues very well. I would hate to be in the dolphin theater if there was ever a fire! The location of the food court area made no sense to me either. But, the food choices were rather impressive. I’m not sure if they whole thing just felt off because of the shear number of people in the aquarium while we were there, or if it was just poor planning, but hey I can’t change that.

I would say if you are in the Atlanta area, go to the aquarium, and consider going on the behind the seas tour. All 4 of us enjoyed our day there.

I posted 3 videos I took that day on my Facebook page. Go check them out and if you haven’t already please like and follow my page there. I often post extra pictures and post more thoughts of my day on that page as well!


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