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World of Coke Atlanta- Vacation day 3

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Ok here is the last of our vacation posts. I promise!

New Years Eve found us catching up with friends from Orlando. We met up at the World of Coke in Atlanta, GA. This was one of the things I wanted to do on our trip. I mean who doesn’t want to visit a place that has Coca-Cola? And yes they give you free Coke! You can get a can when you first enter the building and then there is free flowing Coke before you leave.  Need I say more?

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While we were waiting outside for our friends we decided to take some pictures. The World of Coke sits next to the Georgia Aquarium and between the two is a park type area. Part of the decorations they had for the holiday was HUGE ornaments. We decided this would be a good time to get some photos just for fun.

When I friends joined us we entered the World of Coke. I really wasn’t sure what we were going to see or do there, it just sounded like something you needed to do and see. When you enter you get to have a free coke! We didn’t have one since A. it was 10am and B we were cold so a cold coke didn’t sound refreshing at the time.

You are then led into a room filled with Coke memorabilia where you watched a quick Image may contain: 1 personCoke video. This leads you into the main “museum” area. You can go into various rooms to see the production of Coke, the history of Coke, the myths and legends of Coke and even the vault that holds the secret formula. Upstairs there is a 4D movie, a pop culture room (Colby’s favorite) and a tasting room. The tasting room is similar to the coke tasting room at EPCOT, but with more varieties. Plus they had taps of original coke, coke free style dispensers, and a test coke product (Chocolate Cherry coke, which tasted surprisingly good).

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No automatic alt text available.Then of course you went into the gift shop!

There was a lot of Coca-Cola history there that I found fascinating. The boys had fun even if they don’t drink Coke. Colby could have spent hours making his own Coke art in the Pop Art room. Blake enjoyed reading everything in the Coke history room.

We had fun there, we were there for about 2 hours and that was maybe a bit too long, but it was worth the trip.



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