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Welcome back to the north- your old friends snow and cold

This past weekend we found ourselves hunkered down trying to stay warm. The boys didn’t have school on Friday because of the severe wind chill temperatures. The high on Friday was 9F (-12C), but the wind chill had it as -18F (-27C). Saturday was a bit warmer with the high being a whopping 11F (-11C), but the wind chill wasn’t as severe. Being a family from Florida we choose to stay inside the warm house!

On Sunday we went to the gym and then the grocery store. Typically I go during  the week, but we didn’t have any milk in the house, so if we were stopping for one item might as well shop. Sunday’s high was 27F (-2C), which was a great improvement, but still cold.

IMG_20180108_094333.jpgWhen we woke up yesterday it was already 32F (0C) and it was one of those… wow it’s actually not completely frigid outside! The boys and Richard are shocked at how 32 doesn’t feel super cold anymore now that we’ve had subzero days. We also woke up to a wintery mix or snow, sleet and rain. By the time Richard got to work it was a true snow storm. At 11am I went outside to shovel the driveway. There was a good 2″ of snow on the driveway to shovel. I shoveled before the plow came, this is typically not a good thing to do, but I wanted to stay ahead of the snow since I wasn’t sure how long it was going to snow and at the rate it was snowing I would have been overwhelmed trying to shovel later in the day. When the plow came through our cul de sac the first time he was a goodIMG_20180108_115834.jpg 7-10 feet away from the end of our driveway. Then he was gone. Let me tell you I was cursing. I’d already shoveled 2-3 feet of the street since they never get close to our driveway. Just when I thought I’d have to go out again he came back and did 2 more passes around the circle. I was a much happier camper at this time. I still had to go shovel out the plow pile at the end of the driveway, but that was better than what I thought I had to do.

When I had finished shoveling the driveway the 1st time, I decided I should go toss some more bird seed out for the ground feeding birds and make sure the tray feeders had sunflower seeds for the cardinals and other birds who prefer this to the tube feeder. When I went to step out onto the back deck steps I noticed a strange mark in the snow… look bird prints! Yes, a bird was walking around the deck, guess they were telling me they needed more food?

No automatic alt text available.

The boys were so excited when they came home from school. They wanted to go right out and play in the snow. Mean mom I am made them do their homework first, but they had plenty of time outside too. Ever since the first snow they have wanted to make a snowman. The snow that fell yesterday was perfect snowman snow, but they decided they didn’t want to make one. Oh well… next time? They had a blast outside. They helped a neighbor shovel his driveway, had a snowball fight and were using their snow scooters in the front yard.

I grew up in Massachusetts and lived for a time in Rochester, NY as well. I know snow, I know cold, but that doesn’t mean I am used to this stuff. I lived in Orlando, FL for 17 years. I look back on my Facebook posts of the last 8 years and laugh when I read myself complaining about temperatures in the 40s and 50s. Right now we are excited to see that these temperatures are in the forecast for later this week… a virtual heat wave!



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