Off to the gym?

I’ve never seen January as a time to start new things. I guess the fact that even after I was a students I was still working on a school calendar so January is in the middle of the year for me. To me August is the beginning and time to start new things. Guess that is the life of a teacher?

That being said, I know that I don’t need a date on a calendar to tell me it is time to get my rear in gear and try to get healthy. I’m not unhealthy, but I know I need to be healthier. I’m an all things in moderation person when it comes to eating. I’m pretty good about eating healthy and limiting my junk. But, there are times of the day. week, month, year whatever that are harder than others for one reason or another. December is a month of indulgence for most people so I think that is often why people want to kick start their healthier life styles in January.

I know that a healthy life style is a combination of eating right, sleeping well and working out. I also know that each of these pieces makes it easier for the other pieces to fall into place. But, that knowledge isn’t always easy to put into practice. I am a routine person I like life when I know that I need to do A, B, C… But, I don’t necessarily want to drag myself go to the gym every day. I have no desire to jump on the Beach Body bandwagon that is flooding my Facebook page. I just need to figure out what will work for me.

So today, I will get dressed and head to the gym. Today I will eat healthy and hope to get a good night sleep. Today I will try to make plans for a new routine. Because with most things in life, I will take it one day at a time.

Off to the gym I go… catch ya later!


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